How to Pick the Perfect Melon

how to pick the perfect melon

How to Pick the Perfect Melon

Apr 7, 2021 ... Never settle for sad, mealy melons again. ... that may be slightly flattened, this is where it rested on the ground, and is a good sign for ripeness.

Never settle for sad, mealy melons again.
how to pick a watermelon

How to Pick a Watermelon

Jun 7, 2021 ... Learn how to pick a perfectly ripe watermelon at the store or farmers' market. Plus , find storage secrets and our best fresh watermelon recipes ...

Here's how to tell if a watermelon is ripe, plus tips for storing watermelon and favorite watermelon recipes.
how to cut watermelon 10 ways

How to Cut Watermelon 10 Ways

Jun 8, 2021 ... Get tips and ideas to cut watermelon in ways that range from basic to fancy. You'll learn how to make cubes, ... for all your summer fun. Plus, get tips for cutting watermelon the best way. Related: How to Pick a Ripe Watermelon ... How to Recognize, Avoid, and Treat Food Allergies. Article. Red Onions. Pin ...

Learn how to slice and serve the fruit of the summer.
the real reason people love to put salt on watermelon

The Real Reason People Love to Put Salt on Watermelon

Apr 12, 2021 ... But why exactly is salt such a good pair for watermelon? ... No matter what kind of salt or seasoning you choose, you're sure to never go back to ...

This Southern specialty may raise some eyebrows, but salt on watermelon has a very specific culinary point: it makes the melon taste better. Here's why.
tips on choosing produce at farmers markets when you cant

Tips on Choosing Produce at Farmers' Markets When You Can't ...

Aug 7, 2020 ... The best items to taste at markets include melons, tomatoes, and stone fruit, all of which are often challenging to judge by eye (and even by hand, ...

Farmers' markets across the nation won't let customers lay hands on produce because of Covid-19 concerns, but there are ways to make sure you still get home with the ripest, juiciest, best options. We'll explain.
watermelon pickles recipe

Watermelon Pickles Recipe

Pickled watermelon rind is the best way to get the most use out of one of ... Wipe the rims of the jars with a moist paper towel to remove any food residue. Top ...

Pickled watermelon rind is the best way to get the most use out of one of summer's favorite natural treats.
what is yellow watermelon

What Is Yellow Watermelon?

How to Pick Yellow Watermelon. If you're picking a watermelon, whether yellow or red, there are several ripeness indicators to look out for. A ripe melon should ...

Watermelons can range in color from yellow to orange to reddish-pink. So, what's the difference between yellow and pink watermelons? And what makes yellow watermelons yellow? Here's all you need to know to get ready for watermelon season.
whats the difference between white yellow and red onions

What's the Difference between White, Yellow, and Red Onions ...

Sep 16, 2020 ... When your recipe calls for onions, which color of onion is best? And does it matter which type of onion you choose?

Onions add savory flavor to so many dishes -- lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Here's what you need to know about this incredibly versatile veggie. 
how to choose the right potato for your recipe

How to Choose the Right Potato for Your Recipe

Nov 10, 2020 ... Starchy vs. Waxy Potatoes · Russet Potatoes · Boiling and Fingerling Potatoes · All-Purpose Yukon Golds · The Potato You Use Makes All the ...

A potato is a potato is a potato. Right? Not so much. Here's a handy guide that will make you a smarter potato shopper so your recipes turn out better.
your guide to the best apples for baking and cooking

Your Guide to the Best Apples for Baking and Cooking

Oct 30, 2020 ... That's why the apples you choose to cook and bake with can make or break your dish. Read on to learn which apples are suited for your recipes.

Apples come in so many flavors and textures that picking the right type can make or break your dish. Here's how to choose the best apples for your recipe.